November Garden Checklist for Zones 5 and 6

The November flower is the Chrysanthemum.

  • Soak the soil around evergreens if the ground is dry
  • Hill up roses
  • Mulch tender plants
  • Plant bulbs for winter forcing indoors
  • Clean garden storage area and tools
  • Mulch asparagus bed for winter
  • Apply repellents and wraps to guard against rabbit damage
  • Drain waterlilies and pumps
  • Tulip bulbs may still be planted
  • Remove any visible weeds so they do not meet you in the Spring.
  • Dig up tender bulbs and store in a cool dark area after the first frost.
  • Apply fall fertilizer to the lawn if not already done
  • Remember to continue feeding the birds

Source: London Middlesex Master Gardeners

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