May Garden Checklist for Zones 5 and 6

The May flower is the Hawthorn.

  • Remove faded flower heads of tulips and daffodils. Let stems die down before removal.
  • Prune Shrubs and Trees after flowering
  • Transfer bedding annuals to an outdoor cold frame
  • Harden off seedlings before planting
  • Start regular hoeing and hand weeding preparation of garden beds
  • Continue to plant cold crop favourites like lettuce, spinach, garlic, onions, etc
  • Plant cold-sensitive vegetables after the last frost and protect them if necessary. Harden off before transplanting.
  • Water lawn deeply but do not cut too short to prevent weed seeds from taking hold.
  • Mulch planting beds
  • Start pruning and deadheading roses and begin a fertilizer program for these bushes.
  • Fertilize bulbs as they finish blooming and fertilize annuals and container plants.
  • Edge Garden Beds
  • Keep an eye on your roses for black spot and aphids and have them sprayed accordingly.
  • This is a good month to repair the lawn so aerating and seeding might be helpful.
  • Set houseplants outside when frost danger is gone and repot those that require it.
  • Start planting glads in 2-week increments until July to ensure continual flowering.
  • Consider netting or row covers to protect your early fruit bush crop from the birds.
  • Pond fish can now be fed flakes regularly as the weather heats up.
  • Continue to feed the birds as they eat damaging insects in your yard.
  • Plan your summer garden and new plantings
  • Check GardeningCalendar ‘Events’ for upcoming Horticultural Clinics, talks, garden tours, and other related events.

Source: London Middlesex Master Gardeners

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