Whistling Gardens

Whistling Gardens

We cordially invite you to join us here at Whistling Gardens, one of Ontario’s premier horticultural gardens. Since 2012, we have garnered regional, provincial, national, and international awards and are home to North America’s largest peony collection, North America’s largest conifer collection, and one of Canada’s largest computer-run fountain shows. Stroll and explore over 20 acres of gardens displaying over 4,500 different plants, including the rarest tree in the world, the Baishan Fir.

Front view view of Kingsbrae Garden

Kingsbrae Garden

The 27-acre horticultural masterpiece officially opened its gates in the spring of 1998, unveiling an array of over 2,500 species of perennials, as well as, a wide variety of trees and shrubs.  Now a major tourist attraction, Kingsbrae Garden has been recognized with a number major awards for both the product and the services it…

Colorful floral display at the Federicton Botanical Garden

Fredericton Botanic Garden

The Goals of the Fredericton Botanic Garden:

to provide a recreational opportunity to the public by means of walks, interpretive trails and beautiful displays of flowers and foliage

use tried and untried plant species and varieties so the public have a hands-on demonstration of plant hardiness

educate people of all ages to appreciate plants and to learn how plants coexist in natural settings

involve the community in the development of a new and important tourist attraction for the Fredericton area

The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is a 118-year-old internationally-renowned 55-acre display garden located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Created by Jennie Butchart, and still privately owned and operated by the family, The Gardens was designated a National Historic Site of Canada, in 2004 for its one hundredth birthday.

Aerial View of the future site of the Candensis Botanical Garden

Canadensis Botanical Garden Society

Canadensis Botanical Garden Society is working towards a Nation Botanical Garden. Canadensis is to be a beautiful and diverse botanic garden that provides all visitors with educational, interactive and enjoyable experiences in a unique, sustainable environment. The Garden promotes a deeper understanding of our intimate interdependence with nature and encourages the commitment and passion necessary to pursue environmentally responsible lifestyles.

Blue poppy from Jardin de Metis - Reford Gardens

Jardin de Metis – Reford Gardens

In the summer of 1926, Elsie Reford (1872-1967) began converting her fishing camp on the Métis River into gardens. Located on the northern part of the Gaspé Peninsula, these are the northernmost gardens in eastern North America. Known as Les Jardins de Métis or The Reford Gardens, they were opened to the public in 1962. Few gardens have been created in such difficult weather conditions.

Aerial View of Niagara Falls Botanical Garden

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

Revel in nature’s most beautiful creations and discover the art of horticulture at Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens. Featuring 99 acres (40 hectres) of award-winning landscapes complemented by vibrant seasonal blooms and lush overflowing gardens, the gardens have been part of the ornate Niagara Garden Trail since 1990. Every season reveals new gorgeous blooms at Botanical Gardens, particularly along the many peaceful walking trails and through the arboretum showcasing one of Canada’s finest tree collections. Indulge your senses in the aromatic herb garden or relax in one of the serene sitting areas. A visit to the rose garden–which boasts over 2,400 roses–will underline why it is one of North America’s largest and most distinguished Victorian rose gardens.

Waterfall at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden

New Brunswick Botanical Garden

Vision The New Brunswick Botanical Garden wants to be a place of discovery, learning and conservation of plant diversity. It also aims to demonstrate the links between the arts and nature as well as those between humans, science and the environment. Mission The New Brunswick Botanical Garden mission is to raise awareness and educate the…