June Gardening Checklist for Zones 4 and 5

Vegetable Growing Calendar

  • Transplants can still be purchased and planted. Be sure to water transplants well initially.
  • Keep thinning seedlings and weed as needed.
  • Early sown lettuces, broccoli, and spinach should be maturing. Keep watered, especially in hot weather, to prevent bolting.
  • Remove and compost bolted plants. Or you can save heirloom types for seed after they flower.
  • Mulch around growing plants. You can fertilize with fish emulsion or top dress with compost if needed.
  • Stake plants that need support, such as tomatoes.
  • Hill up potatoes to keep tubers protected from light.
  • Check plants for any infestations and hand pick bugs. A strong spray from the hose should remove aphids.

Source: Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton Vegetable Growing Calendar

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