8 Cannabis Strains with a Strong and Uplifting Effect


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Cannabis has grown exponentially throughout the world, with cultivators continually searching for the most effective variants to meet the consumer’s “mind-blowing” and elevating desires. Are you a cannabis enthusiast who is constantly on a hunt for and experimenting with new strains of cannabis? If so, you may value this cannabis strain guide.

The ever-expanding cannabis market has made it impossible to determine which cannabis cultivars are the most intense and productive. However, do not worry; we have got your back. In this article, you will find a  compiled selection of Cannabis Ontario Strains that will make your head spin and propel you to new levels.

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Let’s Get an Insight Into Cannabis Strains

Cannabis does not only contain one type of cannabinoid. We know there exists other distinct cannabis plants/species. Cannabis strains can be organic or hybrid plant varieties such as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, and Cannabis Indica.

Cannabis cultivars are grown and produced to improve the plant’s characteristics and use them productively for multiple purposes. The names of the strains are peculiar and imaginative because these titles come from their parents and cultivators, who generally select what best describes the plant’s features, such as color, scent, flavor, or origin. 

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The above information is only a brief introduction to the world of cannabis strains. If you want a guide to comprehensive understanding of cannabis strains, you are free to educate yourself further on this subject at your convenience. Let us now proceed to a list of some of the most active cannabis strains.

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A Guide to 8 Potent Cannabis Strains That Offer an Uplifting Effect

Do you adore cannabis enough to produce it yourself? The Cannabis strains listed below are some of the finest and most efficient varieties that would make an excellent inclusion to your cannabis collection. We’ve also provided a few explanations why we believe you’ll enjoy them and why they are the trendiest fad. 

1. Fritter Apples

Apple Fritter is a Cannabis Sativa derivative, albeit its roots are unknown. It has a distinct flavor, and the delicate and natural aroma complements the taste and scent. It has a deep Minty Animal and Sour Apple flavor. Apple fritters have a tart flavor with a buttery, nutty touch. THC levels in the strain can reach up to 30%. It is one of the most time-consuming strains to produce since it might be hard to manage its rapid development. These roots germinate tall stems with exceptionally frosty, robust buds, creating a magnificent appearance as well as a satisfying smoke.

2. The Jelly Rancher

Jelly Rancher is an excellent option for those searching for anything easy to grow, highly delicious, and extremely strong. Humboldt Seeds first made this strain and now these are available as matured seedlings. The breed is a Sativa hybrid fusion of Very Cherries and Notorious THC that was backcrossed thrice to itself, yielding a 30+ percent THC. The flowers are large and develop a thick and frosty coating, which means it blooms quickly and has sturdier stems. It smells like blue candyfloss and tastes like berries and grapes, which is the main attraction.

3. OG Wifi

This excellent cannabis strain is the mixture of The Whites and Fire OG Kush, two major strains from the United States. Cannabis aficionados regard this cultivar as among the most intense and aromatic cannabis flowers out there. This Sativa dominant strain comes with extraordinarily high THC levels, reaching up to 27 percent, and is known for its calming and elevating properties.

4. Shogun

Shogun is well-known for its high THC levels (25%) and the increased emphasis it instills in its users. Because it contains mainly Sativa, the mental influence is quite energizing and will leave you feeling stimulated. Cultivating Shogun indoors is simple, and under optimal circumstances, it can generate a harvest more. Its strength comes from its parents, both of whom have a rich history.

5. Breath of Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Breath has swiftly become the buzz hybrids on the market. It has calming properties, a  luscious, velvety, and nutty flavor reminiscent of peanut butter sandwiches and clay. It has a massive 32 percent THC and is an incredible asset to any garden in need of something tasty and distinctive. While it produces more soothing effects, the strain increases in size necessitating wire assistance to maintain the growth control and hold the blossoms once they emerge.

6. Runtz Muffin

Barney’s Farm has already been crushing the emerging innovations in the cannabis farming industry. Runtz Muffin is one of their most recent offerings, and it does not fail. This luscious female is dripping high THC (up to 29%) and generates firm bristles throughout blooming that can showcase a broad spectrum of dark purples, bright emeralds, and reds. 

7. Cake in Layers

Layer Cake is a well-balanced cross of Wedding Cake, GMOs, and TK Skunk. It has a THC content of 20-25 percent. The taste is vanilla-ish, with an edgy, skunky fragrance. Layer Cake is buzzing due to its calming and exhilarating qualities, which make it effective against discomfort. Farmers enjoy it because of its rapid flower initiation and robust branch formation. It has strong stems and generates a lot of resins.

8. Gorilla Glue 

THC levels in this one have hit a whopping 30%. This Indica-dominant strain claims to produce a high and cerebral feeling that can make the consumer feel tranquil and at peace, making it a possibly ideal choice for therapeutic users. With this genotype, GG variants have undoubtedly lifted the standard. So let us expect that more producers choose these seeds.


The numerous distinct cannabis strains that emerge on the earth provide a lot of pleasure. Our ambition to seek new plant varieties will persist, with countless unique flavours and marijuana encounters awaiting us. The above eight strains are guaranteed to be a great asset to any field if you’re searching for something exotic, fresh, potent, or just easy to maintain.

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