Quick And Easy Ways To Transform A Garden

Perhaps you’ve just let things get a bit overgrown in your garden. Or you’ve moved into a new property where the garden hasn’t had much attention. No worries, there are plenty of simple ways you can transform your garden and outdoor space.

In this article, we cover some quick and easy tips for transforming a neglected garden into the green haven it used to be.

Start with a clear-out 

Garden’s often end up as a bit of a dumping ground for broken furniture and old appliances, rubbish bags, rubble, and debris.

So the first thing to do is get rid of all the junk that’s piled up. Start with the bigger things and then go through more thoroughly and pick up bits of litter, broken plant pots, and anything else that’s lying around.

Tackle overgrown plants

If some of the plants, bushes, or trees have started to take over then you need to cut them back to a reasonable size. If you’re sure that they’re weeds then cut them all the way down and then pull them up from the roots. 

For anything you think you want to keep then just remove as much as you need to give yourself a clearer space. And for bigger things like overgrown trees or climbing plants, it might be worth getting some professional help to tackle them.

Removing weeds and dead plants

Before you dig up everything in your garden, make sure you haven’t uncovered any plants that are actually still thriving and you want to keep. There are plenty of guides and apps that can help you identify weeds and plants if you’re struggling to decide what’s worth leaving in the ground.

Once you’ve identified and marked the plants you want to keep then start pulling up all the weeds and dead plants. It’s worth remembering that some perennial plants might look a bit worse for wear through the winter but will come back into bloom when the summer arrives.

Work on the boundaries and borders

Check the fencing around your garden — if things have been neglected then you’ll probably have some rotten panels, holes, or places where it’s a bit unstable. Replace anything that needs it, and then give your fence a fresh coat of paint to make it look neat and tidy again.

You can also look at the edge of your flower beds and any borders between grass and patio or decking that might have gotten a bit overgrown.

Add in some garden furniture

Create an area in your garden where you can add in some garden furniture so that you can enjoy the transformation of your space. However big or small your garden is there are plenty of garden furniture ideas for all spaces and styles.

If space is tight then opt for a small foldable table and chairs that you can put away when you’re not using. But if you’ve got a bit more room, choose some comfortable outdoor sofas with cushions and side tables so that you can sit outside and relax.

Neaten up your lawn

Spending some time improving your lawn and getting it back into a neat and tidy condition will make a huge difference to the appearance of your garden. Cut down any long, overgrown areas and use a rake to clear away debris such as leaves and grass cuttings. 

For any bare or brown patches in the lawn that you find, prepare the soil and use seeds to fill it in. You also need to water your lawn regularly to get it looking green and healthy.

If you’ve got paving or decking then spend some time cleaning it up and consider giving a coat of varnish or paint. Making the ground areas of your garden look well kept will transform the space.

Plant some flowers

Pick up some easy-to-grow, bright flowers from your local garden center to give your garden a colorful boost. Plants like Marigolds, Dianthus, Cosmos, and Impatiens grow quickly and don’t require too much maintenance so they can fill in empty flower beds.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of tackling an overgrown garden, but these simple steps will help you get it back into a beautiful, thriving outdoor space in no time. 

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