Update Your Events

To update your event,

1) Click on “Select Event” and choose an event.

2) After a few seconds, the system will fill in all of the fields for the event.

3) Update the information as required.

4) Click the Post Event button at the bottom of the form

It couldn’t be simpler! Enjoy!

Event Update Form (#43)
The Event Name should be the main topic of the meeting or presentation. For example, “How to Prune Roses”.
Please highlight something unique about the event and provide more detail on what will be covered. This can be a few sentences.
Images are highly recommended. Images can be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, up to 1MB. If you are inclined, use https://squoosh.app to compress your images to the recommended width of 500px.
Please add as many details as is practical. Consider adding benefits to attending.
Please choose the city. Start typing the city name, or scroll to it.
You can start typing our organization’s name and scroll to it.
You can select multiple event types. For Online events, please select both ‘Online…” events and your organization’s city.
The link must be the full link, it needs to include https://
NEW! Allow people to ask questions about this event. Please enter the email address to which the questions will be sent. The email address you enter will NOT be visible to the public, and it has spam protection.