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Bromeliad Plant Care: How To Grow And Care For Bromeliads

You may be surprised to know that pineapples are a type of terrestrial bromeliad, and they have a quite complex root system. They grow in a manner that is very similar to other types of plants, in that the roots gather water and nutrients to nourish the growing plant. Epiphytic bromeliads, on the other hand gather nutrients and moisture from the air. Tillandsia usneoides, or “air plant” is one example of this type of bromeliad, and Spanish moss is another.

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Purple Fountain Grass: How To Care For Pennisetum Setaceam

Purple fountain grass – Pennisetum setaceum “Rubrum” is an ornamental landscape grass. Its foxtail plumes and striking burgundy foliage show up well when surrounded by contrasting plants. This herbaceous perennial grass is heat tolerant and grows well in poor soil.



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