The Unrefined Olive – Glebe
We offer our customers the finest and freshest olive oils with two seasons in both hemispheres. We source from small producers in California USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Peru and whomever else has the best to offer depending on the year’s harvest.


151-A Second Avenue, Ottawa

Let Your Taste be the Judge
All of our products are third party certified
We make sure you have the best there is to offer. We also have the best balsamic vinegars that you can purchase, these are aged productions from Modena Italy. We have dark and white balsamic vinegars aged to perfection.

The best part is that you can taste everything in the store. Over sixty different olive oils and balsamic and we guide you through this experience.

We also offer local specialty foods like jams, chutneys, pickles, hot sauces, preserves, chocolate, sea salts, custom branded olives, and other fine offerings. We love working with local producers, chefs, restaurants, home cooks, and non-cooks alike.
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