Cup Plant

Cup Plant

Cup plant, Silphium perfoliatum, is a beautiful native Ontario plant. Its large stature, (6 to 9 feet tall), and wide, tapered leaves are further complemented by an abundance of open yellow flowers. The flowers will re-bloom well into the autumn. A large plant that needs lots of space. Some gardeners find it to be an effective…

Canada Columbine

Plants are perfect candidates for the Shade Garden or Wildlife Garden. This spring blooming, native wildflower provides a welcome a splash of color early in the growing season. A member of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and the flowers are a source of nectar for a variety of pollinators mid spring until early summer. Borders, cottage…

Showy Tick—Trefoil

Showy Ticktrefoil is a native erect perennial forb growing from 3 to 6 feet high on leafy stems that branch at the inflorescence. The stem is green, taking on some reddish vertical color lines toward maturity, and has fine white hair. Showy Ticktrefoil grows from a taproot and prefers full to at least partial sun…

Smooth Penstemon

Penstemon digitalis is one of the few Penstemons that thrives in clay. The white flowers bloom for a month or longer, and look great with the blue flowers of Ohio Spiderwort and Blue Eyed Grass. At 3′ high this clump-forming perennial does well in full sun to light shade, and tolerates seasonally damp conditions. Mass…

Obedient Plant

Commonly known as Obedient Plant because you can bend the individual flowers in any direction. The pale pink blooms are tubular in shape and flower up the stem. This variety is native to Ontario. Attracts Butterflies and is deer resistant. Flowers can be used for cut flowers. Prefers moist to boggy soils.

Wild Bergamot

Wild bergamot is a drought tolerant prairie perennial that spreads by seeds and rhizomes. It flowers in the summer. The wild bergamot is very similar to bee balm but instead of a deep red coloration it boasts of lavender, pinkish blooms. Provides color and contrast for the herb garden, wild garden, native plant garden, meadow…

Great blue Lobelia

This North American native has beautiful bright blue flower spikes that rise above medium green foliage, excellent in the natural shade garden or containers; maintains a good form throughout the season and makes an excellent border planting. This species is often used as an Accent, Grouping or Mass planting in for a Rain Garden, Wildlife…

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is a native herb that grows along riverbanks and is occasionally found in garden flower beds as a perennial. Cardinal Flower features showy spikes of scarlet flowers rising above the foliage from mid summer to early fall. Its pointy leaves remain dark green in colour throughout the season.

Rose of Sharon

A much loved garden addition, Rose of Sharon are often planted to provide fresh flush of late season colour after other trees and shrubs have finished blooming. A classic favourite for landscape focal points. An excellent specimen, foundation, or border plant. Nice for larger patio containers.

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That's All Folks!