The Kanata-March Horticultural Society was incorporated through the Ontario Horticultural Association in March 1970. Now 52 years old, this Society is still providing gardening advice and informative presentations, social activities and community beautification. Since 1978, Kanata-March member volunteers has undertaken the creation and maintenance of the Molly Wilson Memorial Garden at the site of the Old Town Hall, a historical building at 821 March Road, Kanata, where our meetings are held. 

Working with the City of Ottawa, the Society has an Adopt-A-Park agreement to help keep the gardens maintained and grounds cleaned up.

We have also embarked on a new fundraiser – the Big-Yellow-Bag.  By using the code KMHORT22, you can purchase top quality garden soil or mulch. The Society will receive $10.00 for each bag purchased and the purchaser will receive $5.00 discount. You can order your Big-Yellow-Bag at www.bigyellowbag.com

Our Plant Sale is planned for May 21. All plants are donated by our members, from their own gardens or by seed. This is our main fundraiser to raise funds to maintain the Molly Wilson Memorial Garden, which is now recognized as a Pollinator Garden through the Ontario Horticultural Association.

During the last two years, we’ve had successful virtual meetings with knowledgeable speakers including Master Gardeners. We are excited to begin planning in-person meetings beginning April 5th. New members and visitors are welcome to attend. Membership fees are $15.00 for individuals and $25.00 for families. A bargain to be able to hang around with like-minded gardeners. The 2022 Program can be viewed on our website.

For more information, please go to www.kanata-horticultural.com or email to kanatamhs@gmail.com 

Recent Additions

  • Diatomaceous Earth Keeps Insects Away

    A mound of white Diatomaceous earth

    Insects are all at once the friend and the foe of the gardener. Beneficial bugs help with pollination and can help to keep the population of other insect species under control.

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  • Top 5 Plant Killing Diseases and Protections

    A big leaf showing significant plant disease with discolouring and molds

    Plant diseases can ruin your day! If you have several ornamental or edible plants in your garden, it’s a good idea to have a strategy to identify plant diseases and take immediate action to stop the spread of the disease in infected plants. Why Does the Garden Get Infected by Pests and Microbes? Plants are…

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  • Bringing Vegetables Outside

    Crabapple tree with mystery blossoms

    While I am trying to encourage my vegetables to get started, I am still reluctant about bringing vegetables outside. I have succeeded with some, and soon they will be in the ground, while others find it much too cold. This is what spring weather is all about.  Greetings fellow gardeners,    Crabapple Tree I am…

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