How I grow tomatoes from seed

When planting tomato seeds, I make sure that they are in contact with the soil. I press them gently to make contact and sprinkle soil over them to cover. 

Greetings fellow gardeners,  

I have been wandering about in the back all week, thinking about this and that and where am I going to put all of the tomatoes? As I looked about, I came across a surprise of crocuses. They are such an amazing little group, all bright and happy. I say surprise because they appear suddenly when I least expect them. I didn’t plant them there, but I enjoy them as they expand each year.

Spring growth of new crocus
Crocus spinging!

In the front garden the chives have already peeked through. I am leaving them alone for a couple of weeks so that I will have a happier, stronger plant. If I clean them up too soon and we get a bad frost (or snow!) then the plant will take a while to recover. I love fresh spring chives sprinkled over my breakfast eggs.

An early spring growth of new chives
Spring Chives

Tomato Seed Soil

It is time to get those tomato seeds planted. I have some sets of plant cells that I have filled with seed starting soil; it usually contains a higher level of vermiculite. When I transplant the tomatoes, as they grow larger, I can put them in sturdier soil. 

Tomato Seeds on paper towels in the palm of a hand
  Tomato seeds on paper towels

Planting Tomato Seeds

I planted the tomato seeds that I saved and several of them had stuck to the paper towels where they were dried. I don’t fuss with that; I plant them paper towels and all. I also bought a package of tomato seeds. It is a hybrid tomato, determinate and small and known as a patio tomato. 

Determinate tomatoes ripen around the same time and have a determined amount of fruit. It is not a good idea to prune these tomatoes as you could be pruning off fruit. Indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow and can get vine-like. They produce fruit all through the season up until frost and you can prune these if they get out of control. 

When planting tomato seeds, I make sure that they are in contact with the soil. I press them gently to make contact and sprinkle soil over them to cover. 

Heating Tomato Seeds

Now that the seeds are planted, I place the trays on heat mats in my plant compound so that they are protected from the too-many cats. The plant compound is now totally covered with netting with Velcro that is attached to the front of the stand. I am hopeful that my cat Kevin will not remove all the plant markers this year. 

After they are situated, I place a clear plastic dome or clear plastic wrap over top to help with germination and wait. That is the tough part. 

Indoor starter garden with seeds in many pot
  Already to go

If you are wondering, the plants behind my tomatoes are my peppers and sage. Underneath are the houseplants that I try to keep going each year.

It rains and snows and is sunny all within a day this time of year. Spring is never boring, that is for sure. Enjoy your week and stay off the garden!  Judith

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