Grasses and Vines

Passion Flower: Growing The Passiflora Vine

The Passion Flower is listed as hardy in USDA hardiness zones 5-9; however, it may actually struggle in zone 5 and may not survive very cold winters. If you live below zone 6 you should plant Passion Flower in a sheltered area near a wall so and provide the roots with protection against the cold in the wintertime
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What Are The Best Flowering Trellis Plants?

Choosing the ideal trellis plants that flower can be a challenging decision. There are plenty of climbing plants and flowering vines for growing on a trellis system. Each of the flowering vines has their own beauty and characteristics. There are many creative ideas and products on how to mix flowers and give your garden and property a beautiful accent.
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Purple Fountain Grass: How To Care For Pennisetum Setaceam

Purple fountain grass – Pennisetum setaceum “Rubrum” is an ornamental landscape grass. Its foxtail plumes and striking burgundy foliage show up well when surrounded by contrasting plants. This herbaceous perennial grass is heat tolerant and grows well in poor soil.
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a dozen orange trumpet vine flowers in full bloom

Trumpet Vine: How To Care For Campsis Radicans

The trumpet vine, hummingbird vine or Trumpet Creeper vine is the common name for Campsis radicans pronounced (kamp’-sis), which belongs to the family Bignoniaceae. These bushy ornamental deciduous shrubs or woody vines are usually grown as vining climbers rambling over rocky places and covering banks.
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On Using Ornamental Grasses In The Landscape

The many different varieties of interesting grasses provide an easy way to add color and contrast to a monochrome landscape setting. Grasses are very decorative, and well-placed specimens can create very eye-catching points of interest.
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