Whistling Gardens

Whistling Gardens, one of Ontario’s best horticulture gardens, is home to the largest peony and conifer collections in North America, as well as one of Canada’s largest computer-run fountain exhibits. Since 2012, we have won numerous regional, provincial, national, and international honors. Wander through more than 20 acres of gardens that feature more than 4,500 distinct flora, including the Baishan Fir, the rarest tree in the world.

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Unique Gardens

  • Remarkable Collection of Peonies

    Whistling Gardens’ collection of herbaceous, intersectional, tree peony, and species variants has steadily expanded to 1,300 species. It is without a doubt the greatest public collection in North America and among the largest in the entire globe. Renowned peony breeder Dr. Feng, a Beijing Botanical Gardens peony tree grower, referred to the collection as one of the most amazing and vast he had ever seen when visiting Whistling Gardens.

  • Conifer Garden

    With over 1500 distinct species, hybrids, and cultivars on exhibit, the conifer collection is the largest in North America and many are unique to the nation. One of the rarest species in the world, Baishan Fir (Abies beshanzuensis), is also part of our collection. Even after thirty years old, some tiny conifers are still barely two feet tall. A real testimonial to their ornamental appeal, landscaping value, and little upkeep. We are pleased that Whistling Gardens has brought over 150 varieties to Canadian horticulture through our own propagation and that of our colleagues; many of these have since established themselves as mainstays in gardens all over the nation.

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