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We are a service to Gardeners

This site was initially created as a service to gardeners in Ottawa, Canada and Eastern Ontario. In these Covid times, the site has gained a significant and growing national and international following. New features, information and value which benefits gardeners are being added continuously, which is fuelling follower growth.

The site was originally created by Jean Carr, with assistance from Kath Thompson who also contributes her great monthly newsletter. Special thanks to Suzanne Carr, Karen Haddon, Rebecca Last, Jamie Robertson, Michel Gauthier, Rick Radko, Denise Kennedy, Dale Odorizzi, the Presidents of most Horticultural Associations and Garden Clubs in the area noting Rosemary Campbell, and many emails of support from gardeners. Jean Carr is also on the Board of Directors of Gardens Ottawa and Vice Chair of Canadensis Botanical Garden Society.

Thank you for the key financial support from Richard Inchley Ponds and Aquaria, Mike Ritchie at Ritchie Feed and Seed, Elizabeth Kilvert of The Unrefined Olive, Dave Dunn of Rideau Woodland Ramble, the Montreal Botanical Garden. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.