Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a popular tourist destination with an area of ​​over 1,700 rai, welcoming tourists from all over the world. More than 5,000 people visit each day and the gardens are recognized as one of the ten most beautiful gardens in the world. It is highly ranked by global websites and has received the following accolades and awards. Currently, Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya has been revived and expanded as a tourist attraction for those living in the 21st century. Importantly, it will also be upgraded to be a tourist attraction in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area, becoming a tourist destination. Outstanding in the world as well.

Rikugi-en Garden, Tokyo


One of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo, the Rikugien offers a quiet resting and strolling place in the hectic Tokyo life. Rikugien is a delicate and gentle Japanese garden that reflects the depth of Yoshiyasu’s literary knowledge. The garden is a strolling garden of the Edo period.

Kyiti Taizo-in Gardens

Taizo-in Gardens

Taizo-in is a “Real Japanese Garden”. With its beautiful gardens and treasures of Japanese art, Taizo-in is the oldest and most famous sub-temples of the Myoshin-ji complex. It was founded in 1404 and the gardens are said to have been designed by the painter Kano Motonobu in the Muromachi period.

Beihai Gongyuan

Beihai Gongyuan

Located in the center of Beijing, Beihai is the earliest, best-preserved, and most profound classical royal garden in the existing history of China. The formation and development of Beihai has gone through several dynasties of Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, carrying nearly a thousand years of Chinese history and culture, and forming a gardening art style represented by royal gardens.

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden, located in Xuhui District, Shanghai, is a comprehensive urban botanical garden focusing on plant introduction and domestication, botany research, scientific communication, and horticultural display.  There are 15 specialized parks, including a bonsai garden, an herbal medicine garden, an exhibition greenhouse, and an orchid room. It collects and screens a large number of horticultural varieties for urban greening, with more than 3,500 species of living plants and 6,000 varieties.

shanghai chenshan botanical garden

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

This remarkable new 207-hectare botanical garden was opened in 2010. Set amidst the fast-developing suburbs of Shanghai, it provides both a green resource for the city and a new center for plant science.  It is a popular public attraction with three spectacular glasshouses, a calendar of festivals, and 26 themed areas. We also have a large and growing education program for children and teenagers. 

chollipo arboretum

Chollipo Arboretum

The Chollipo Arboretum is a legacy of Min Byeong-gal, and it collects and preserves plants from Korea and the world to create a beautiful garden. 

Dedicated to research and education, instill the spirit of love for nature in people and give them creative inspiration and happiness. It is a world-class arboretum with 17,000 kinds of plants.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Indoor Garden: A three acre large glass greenhouse consists of a Mystery Garden, a Central Hall, where various exhibitions of flowers and plants take place, a Flower Garden, an Aquatic Garden, a Cactus Garden, a Jungle Garden, and a Tropical Fruits Garden. At the center is a 38-meter tall observation tower.

Outdoor Garden: On 24 acres of land, there are about 1,000 kinds of warm temperate and temperate zone plants in various gardens, including Japanese, Korean, Italian, and French Gardens and Lawn, as well as Herb and Bog Gardens.