Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

Our trip included a half-day visit to Vietnam’s Tra Su Bird Sanctuary, a peaceful and tranquil place to be. The sheer number of birds and the diversity of species, along with the sound of birdsong filling the air, make this the most stunning bird refuge we have ever visited. It’s the perfect place for more variety and abundance of plants, which means more food for birds, because of the lush vegetation, an abundance of water supply, and a tropical environment.We observed the peaceful coexistence of several ecosystems among the lush marshlands, which is evidence of the delicate balance of nature.

Multiple Egrets Nesting in Trees
A pink Lotus flower at its peak
A heron with twigs landing on a nesting site
Golden Egret on a branch looking intently
White Egret on the top of a tree top
Canoe being paddled in a canal at Tra Su Sanctuary
Back-crowned Night Heron on a tree branch
Golden Egret in flight

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