Indoor Gardening

Analyze Your Home’s Microclimate for Plants

In the microclimate of today’s modern home, houseplants can serve dual purposes – cleaning air plus adding beauty, color and life to a room.

Get Inspired to Create a Next Level Succulent Arrangement

Succulent arrangements are long lasting creations that can be enjoyed indoors or out. This DIY video from Garden Answer will show you just how easy it is to create your own succulent arrangement

Houseplants that bloom – 5 orchids that put on a show

Orchids are the perfect way to introduce a stunning houseplant into your home. They bloom for up to four months, which make them the perfect plant to add some color and flair to any home.

Dress up Your Desk with Succulents

Succulent arrangements can be chic or playful. Jurassic Park dish garden anyone?