Whitehouse Perennials


    Since our nursery opened in 1987 our goal has been to find and sell the plants that are worthy of a place in your garden. Whether you are a beginner or a plant collector you will find a great selection of top quality plants here. We carry the cutting edge plants that have just hit the market as well as the old fashioned ones that your Grandmother grew. Beautiful, easy care shrubs, small trees and conifers suitable for residential landscapes and Ornamental Grasses all share the space on our well stocked benches. Our plant selection is continually expanding so that we can now offer everything you need to build your dream garden. Five artists also display their original work in the gardens throughout the season. You can find glass art, metal sculptures, functional items like trellises as well as carvings and wall castings. From our location just outside of Almonte, in the beautiful Ottawa Valley we are easily accessible to gardeners from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

  • Display Gardens

    From its inception we were determined that our nursery would be much more than rows of pots on a bench. We started building display gardens when the nursery opened and we have been working on them ever since. Over the past 34 years we have developed extensive display gardens in sun and shade. The sun gardens are composed of many smaller wheel chair accessible gardens linked with gravel paths and two large mixed borders. We have been dubbed the “Ikea of Garden Centers” because we create small gardens that feature groups of plants that work well together. These “garden rooms” provide ideas and help you visualize what those pots on a bench will look like when they mature. In our Display Gardens we also trial new plants to ensure that what we sell will perform well for you.

  • DayLily Field

    For many years we have been a destination for Daylily lovers from all over Ontario and Quebec. We grow over 800 varieties of daylilies in our 2 acre field and are an official display garden of the American Hemerocallis (Daylily) Society. Our daylilies are guaranteed to be healthy and hardy because we grow them here. If they are not tough enough to survive in our wind-swept field they never make it to the sales bench. Every year we add new varieties of daylilies to our collection and eliminate those that don’t have the characteristics we consider important in a good daylily. We are particularly interested in finding daylilies with lots of blooms, attractive foliage and a long bloom time. These daylilies will put on a great show in your garden. From the middle of July to mid August our huge Daylily field is in full bloom. You can wander the gardens and find the perfect plant for your garden.

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