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Reciba nuestro boletín mensual y una actualización a mitad de mes. Manténgase actualizado y no se pierda los eventos de jardinería. Disfruta de los divertidos temas de Kath. ¡Y es gratis!
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GardeningCalendar fills a void providing much needed single place of events and activities of interest.

– Jamie Robertson, Past President, Ottawa Horticultural Society.

I love the wealth of information. GardeningCalendar is awesome.

– Nicky Trudel

Thanks for the Newsletter. I am enjoying getting back into gardening. Pruning perennials I should have pruned last year!

– Nancy Hazen

I’m so happy to have GardeningCalendar. I use to look for speakers in newspapers, now its one stop shopping.

– Pauline Yelle

I really like what I see. I know lots of folks who are using the site.

– Heather Clemenson, Master Gardener

You’ve built a wonderful resource.

– Rebecca Last, Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton

I loved this edition of the GardeningCalendar Newsletter. The song, the podcasts, book suggestion and courses.

Thank you.

– Leslie Toope

Encore une fois, MERCI fo the service

– Denise Kennedy

Up to date information and all things horticulture in Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew

– Anne Clark-Stewart, Ontario Horticultural Association D2.

Thank you so much for your monthly email.

I find your site very useful and interesting.

– Valerie Hartling

Your site is a wonderful help to all the various societies.

Cathie Clarke, Ottawa African Voilet Society

Thank you for such a great site! I really like how you have the events listed. Right away, I’m making my schedule to take in as many as I can.

– Lucille Shaver