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Vallarta Botanical – 33 Photo overview

Jean Carr

We visited Vallarta Botanical Gardens in February 2020. We were given a wonderful reception and generous by Robert Price, Founder and Creator of the Garden, including arranging the playing ‘Happy Birthday’ with violin accompaniment. Here is a photo summary of the garden. I hasten to say the gardens are stunning, that the photos in many ways can never do it justice.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens has provided an unprecedented opportunity for their community to share the wonder of the vast diversity of Mexico’s plant species with the world. Owners and Curators have assembled botanical collections in a safe environment with viewing trails and have already built the most-visited public collection of orchids in the country of Mexico.

As a nonprofit charitable organization, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens relies on the contributions of our members and donors to sustain this natural sanctuary, continue much needed conservation projects, and further our outreach to the Puerto Vallarta region’s community. There are many ways to support the Garden, including donating funds, purchasing a membership or a tile, or joining the team as a volunteer. Donations help support educational programs, environmental awareness in the community, and much more.

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