Zig-zag Goldenrod

Zig-zag Goldenrod

Botanical Name: Solidago flexicaulis

En Français: Verge d’or à tige zigzagante

Solidago flexicaulis, commonly called zigzag or broadleaf goldenrod, is a rhizomatous perennial that is native to rich woods and thickets from throughout eastern north America.

This species is distinguished by its zigzag stems and its toothed, broad-ovate leaves.

Interesting goldenrod for shady woodland areas.


Other Characteristics

Pollinators: Bees, Butterflies

Sun/Shade: Partial Sun, Shade

Planting and Care Considerations

Easily grown woodland species that perhaps does best in sun-dappled part shade, but will also grow in full shade. Established plants tolerate some dry soils. Plants may be grown from seed and may self-seed in the garden. Plants may spread by rhizomes.

Aster cordifolius, Chasmanthium latifolium, Chrysogonum virginianum, Eupatorium colestinum, Heliopsis helianthoides and Amsonia hubrichtii.

Spread: Up to 3 feet


Best Soil: Moist and Well drained

Growth Habit: