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How To Grow Your Own Organic Celery

Celery has a reputation as one of the most daunting vegetables to grow. In fact, many people like to grow it for the challenge (which gives you a sense of the personality type of gardeners!) However, once you understand what kind of conditions celery likes,  it’s an enjoyable crop to grow in the backyard garden.

6 Tips for Growing Gardens In Urban Landscapes

Fruits and vegetables from a garden will be higher in vitamin and mineral content, especially since they don’t have to travel thousands of miles and then sit in a store before they make it to your plate.

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12 Companion Plants To Grow With Your Tomatoes

Some people believe in tomato companion plants and others think it is some old wives tale. Growing friendly plants together is said to help growth, produce more flavor and protect fruits and vegetables from insects and pests.

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Will Coffee Grounds Acidify My Garden Soil?

Every gardener has heard that adding coffee grounds to your compost speeds decomposition and adds much-needed nitrogen to the compost. But what about adding coffee grounds directly to your garden soil? Will it acidify the soil or “burn” plant roots? Do coffee grounds help , blueberries, and other vegetables? Will they help and azaleas?

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Lemon Tree: How To Grow Lemon Trees From Seed

There is something about the fresh smell of a flowering lemon tree. Lush, dark green, oval leaves shining in the sunlight. Their fragrant, white blooms, sweet smelling and alluring quality makes one want to own their own tree. Too hard to do?

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