October Gardening Checklist for Zones 4 and 5

Vegetable Growing Calendar

  • The average date of the first fall frost in eastern Ontario is October 11. Watch for frost before that date, and harvest the last of the warm season vegetables before frost.
  • In the face of an imminent frost/freeze, you can cut a tomato plant at soil level, and hang the entire plant upside down in a cool indoor place. The tomatoes will gradually ripen. Or you can pick the tomatoes green, and store them indoors in a paper or plastic bag.
  • Cover cool weather crops with mulch to protect from frost. Harvest before the hard freezes begin. Do the vegetable garden clean-up before the first snowfall: Remove all dead vegetable matter. Put diseased plants in the green bin or garbage, and compost undiseased plants. Rake the soil or bury the surface several inches to kill pupae and overwintering pests.
  • Plant garlic for harvesting next year.

Source: Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton Vegetable Growing Calendar

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