A collection of colorful read pink and white cosmos flowers

October Garden Checklist for Zones 5

October flowers of the month are marigold and cosmos

This is the month when we should be preparing to put the garden to bed.

  • Pull out summer annuals killed by frost.
  • Mound rose crowns with about 6 inches of fresh soil before the ground freezes.
  • Continue to water trees and perennials.
  • Plant garlic for a spring harvest.
  • Protect Growing Veggies from frost.
  • Pot up herbs for indoor growth.
  • Repot root-bound houseplants
  • Plant amaryllis for winter bloom.
  • Drench plants being brought inside after a season outdoors with a soap solution to eliminate bugs.
  • Save excess seed for next year.
  • Store clay containers to prevent freezing and cracking.
  • Continue to remove weeds to prevent seeds, insects and diseases from overwintering.
  • Keep mowing grass as long as it grows
  • Remove grass clippings from last few cuts to prevent insects and disease from overwintering.
  • Store lawnmower if this month is your last cut.
  • Keep lawn free of leaves and debris.
  • Ensure gutters and downspouts are not plugged that may result in ice damage.
  • Prune long growth on roses to prevent canes from snapping in winter.
  • Clear beds after a heavy frost.
  • Clean and store summer-flowering bulbs (dahlias, gladiolus, cannas).
  • Clean and store garden tools and machinery.
  • Dig and divide clumps of rhubarb.
  • Stop feeding your pond fish when the water temperature falls below 50 degrees.

Source: London Middlesex Master Gardeners

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