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What the Nose Knows – Understanding Aroma

Humans have been attracted to aromatic plants since the beginning of time. We use them for flavouring food, for scenting our homes and bodies, and even for ceremonial and religious purposes. Despite many time-honoured traditions and usages, little was known about the...

Is Tree Maintenance Much Simpler Than Landscaping?

Landscaping and tree maintenance may sound similar to many people, but both are entirely different terms. There are more plants and shrubs in a garden than the trees. If you visit an orchard, you will find only trees or more trees and some plants. Although plants,...

How to Grow Garlic in Ontario

You will now learn how to grow garlic at home if you live in Ontario. See this as your complete guide to growing the vegetable. The two main types of Garlic are hardneck and softneck. In the northern areas, hardneck is the most commonly grown variety. And this is...

11 Ways to Protect Your Garden in Harsh Summer Weather

Summer is a season that is harsh for not only for humans but also for plants and crops. The scorching heat and dehydrate the plants that can lead to damage. Some plants even die due to excess heat and dehydration. Every gardener and farmer try to water their gardens...

Caring For Plants With Root Rot

If you grow plants, ornamental trees, shrubs, vegetables and houseplants, you’ll likely encounter root rot: Powdery Mildew Blossom-end rot Leaf infection Wilting So, what causes it and how to get rid of it? This condition can cause a lot of damage and spread to other...

Having Outdoor Space That’s Fun and Functional

Create an indoor and outdoor space you love. Use these tips to build or re-design your porch or patio so you can enjoy every minute in the sun. You might have a few chairs, maybe you even have a larger sectional that can help you seat more friends and family...