June Garden Checklist for Zones 5 and 6

The June flower is the rose.

  • Fertilize flowers and vegetables. Stake or cage tomato plants, dahlias, glads, etc.
  • Deadhead faded blooms
  • Prune Evergreens and hedges
  • Weed and water garden beds regularly
  • Treat annual flowers with fertilizer
  • Remove faded rose blooms
  • Fertilize roses after peak blooms
  • Make homes in the garden for insect-eating toads
  • Mulch garden beds to 2-3 inches
  • Finish planting summer annuals
  • Fertilise vegetables (i.e.-20-20-20 water-soluble)
  • Divide spring Iris, discarding diseased or non producing old bulbs
  • Stake tall-growing perennials
  • Leave foliage on spring bulbs until it dies back naturally
  • Plant gladiolus corms
  • Tap your tomato plants to encourage pollination
  • Water tomato plants every day and start feeding weekly once fruits set
  • Protect your fruits from birds with netting or floating row covers
  • Fertilize the lawn this month
  • Raise the cutting length of the lawnmower to conserve moisture
  • Keep container plants watered during dry periods.

Source: London Middlesex Master Gardeners

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