July Gardening Checklist for Zones 4 and 5

Vegetable Growing Calendar

  • Spinach and lettuce should be finished. Harvest other crops as they mature. Thin chard and carrots.
  • Check for pests and hand-pick.
  • Water vegetables generously in the heat—at least 2 inches per week if rainfall isn’t enough (more often for containergrown vegetables).
  • Fertilize, mulch, and weed as needed.
  • Continue hilling up potatoes. Shortly after they flower, new potatoes can be gently harvested from the soil under the plant. Leeks also need to be hilled up to create long white stems.
  • Sow fall vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce, chard, peas, broccoli, and turnips. Keep seedbeds moist, as cool weather crops don’t do well in the heat.

Source: Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton Vegetable Growing Calendar

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