Is Tree Maintenance Much Simpler Than Landscaping?

Emily Bartels

Landscaping and tree maintenance may sound similar to many people, but both are entirely different terms. There are more plants and shrubs in a garden than the trees. If you visit an orchard, you will find only trees or more trees and some plants.

Although plants, shrubs, and trees are grown in the same landscapes, there are a lot of differences between landscaping and tree maintenance. Landscaping is about lawn care, irrigation, hardscape installation, mulching, planting the plants, shrubs, and their maintenance.

On the other hand, tree maintenance involves tasks like pruning, cabling, caring of trees, removing trees, stump grinding, etc. Tree maintenance might seem simpler than landscaping, but it is much more complex than garden maintenance. Let’s dive deeper into tree maintenance and its comparison with landscaping.


Plants, shrubs, and trees need water to survive and prevent dehydration. Trees require more water as compared to plants and shrubs. So, if you have an orchard or trees in your landscape, you should have an adequate supply of water for your trees. Although irrigation of trees may seem a simple task, it requires efforts to water every tree individually until and unless you have installed an automatic irrigation system. Moreover, tree owners need to create around space around the trees for collection of water to prevent it from flowing elsewhere.



Shrubs and trees require seasonal pruning to prevent their branches from growing in unwanted areas. Pruning also helps boost the growth of shrubs and trees. You can prune the shrubs in your garden by standing beside them and using simple pruning tools. However, pruning a tree requires special tools like tree loppers and some skills and experience to avoid the potential dangers. You may need to use lifting equipment to reach the branches that are on a significant height. They also use high tech pruning tools to prune the branches with safety and precision. It involves the risks of falls, and you need to take care of your safety.


Pest Infections

Tree are more prone to pest infestations as compared to plants and shrubs. Pests infect wood more than the leaves, as wood retains water for more time, and this makes trees more vulnerable to pest infections. Treatment of pest infections on trees requires a lot more work than on the plants and shrubs in a garden. It requires hiring a professional and making use of the right chemicals. You can easily remove an infected plant, but it takes effort to remove the infected branches of a tree or the entire tree. 


Removal of Trees

 When a plant or shrub becomes dead, you can easily remove them from your garden with the help of some tools. If a plant or shrub falls in the garden, it may not do much harm, but if a tree falls, it can do significant damage to life and property. That is why it is essential to hire a professional tree removal service to cut or remove a tree from a landscape. Professional arborist services make use of advanced vehicles and equipment to remove trees from any landscape. The labor that works on this equipment is also qualified and trained to operate them.



Stump Grinding

When you cut or remove a tree from your landscape, the stump still remains after the removal of the tree. If you want to use the space for some other purpose, you need to remove the stump and the roots in the ground. Removing the stump and roots is not an easy task and almost impossible for tree owners to do themselves. Some owners may burn the stump, but removing the roots is a difficult task. Professional tree removal companies use special grinder machines to grind the stump into tiny pieces and remove them completely. Services like stump removal Blacktown also remove the roots using special equipment and free up space for the tree owners, so that they can use it for some other purpose.


Weak or Dead Trees

A weak or dying plant or shrub cannot be a major danger to other plants and structures in the garden. However, a weak or dying tree can be a significant danger to life and property. It can fall anytime and harm the kids, pets, vehicles, and even buildings in its vicinity. Therefore, owners should take care of and remove such trees as soon as they notice the tree condition in their landscape. Arborists and tree removal companies have high tech tools and equipment to remove such trees. Moreover, they have skilled workers with years of experience who perform these tasks with high quality and precision. A landscaping service may not have the skills and experience to remove a tree from a landscape.



In landscaping, there is a right time for everything. Whether it is planting the new plants, shrubs, trees, or watering them, everything needs to be done at the right time. Trees need to be watered and pruned at the right time. The same is the case with landscaping as there are a variety of plants and shrubs, and they need to be planted, nourished, and harvested or removed in the right season. However, the timings for trees and garden plants are different. So, the arborists and landscapers need to take care of the timing for the proper growth and survival of trees and plants. If you have trees in your landscape, you should consult a professional arborist to know the right timing for every activity for trees.


Final Words

Tree maintenance is in no way simpler than landscaping. It needs the utmost care and attention to maintain trees in a landscape. It is possible for homeowners to learn some landscaping tips and use them to maintain their gardens. However, the major tasks in tree maintenance should be performed by professionals for safety and precision. It is fine for the tree owners to water their trees using an irrigation system, but the activities like pest control tree removal or stump removal should always be left for professionals. Now, as you understand the difference between simple landscaping and tree maintenance, you can guide others about the same.


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