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Gardening in the Month of November 

  • Cover any fragile evergreens or shrubs with burlap or other protective covering
  • Add organic matter (compost/manure) to flower borders and garden beds
  • Protect the bark of saplings from gnawing mice and rabbits by wrapping tree guards around the lowest parts of the trunks
  • Undertake a final raking of leaves off the lawn and garden beds
  • Finish pruning down plants such as roses, spirea, nepeta, and peonies to about 18”
  • Clean away any debris from garden beds containing hostas, garden phlox, and other perennials that can harbour mold and mildew
  • Do a little fall weed control using non-chemical methods such as boiling water (use for weeds in pavers) or the old ‘dig and pull’ method to stay ahead of spring weeds 
  • Evaluate the shape and layout of any garden beds and make notes about what works and doesn’t so you can plan accordingly next spring