Best Practices for Posting Events

Our Recommendations for Posting Your Events

When: Please post your event a minimum 4 to 6 weeks before the event date. This way, your event will be seen by more people more often.

Title: The event title should be the main purpose of the event, or the main subject of the presentation.

Event Sub Title: The Event Sub Title can be:

  • preferred, the name the presenter with a very brief one sentence or one phrase bio, or
  • also good, a one sentence synopsis of the event presentation

Event Details: Describe the event in greater detail. What is presentation will be about? Perhaps an agenda. Certainly a longer presenter bio if one is available.

Very important: Event details need to include:

  • how to register;
  • is this for members only or are guest welcomed;
  • price (if any); and
  • how to get more information, either an email or a Website link.

Event Image: Upload an event image. Note that images will not upload if they are too big. You can compress them free of charge on the Internet. One free image compression site which is highly rated is  If you Google or Bing “Compress photos online free” (or similar), you’ll get lots of options. Some sites may be easier to use than others. You can reduce images to as small as 40kb or 55Kb and they look just fine on the web. Added benefit: smaller images load faster also, which leads to a better user experience.

Choose an Event colour which complements your image.

Fill in all fields

Support questions are always welcomed. You can always emails us, but we prefer that you submit questions through the “Support” menu item which you will find under “Calendar” on the main menu.

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