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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

A townhouse garden can be a place to getaway, enjoy nature, go tropical or just getting outside. The smallest backyard and garden, well-arranged and decorated, can be a gem of artistic merit. A fortune does not have to be spent on plant material, landscape bricks or pavers, or a wealth of material used like decorative pottery and water features. Continue reading to learn more about small yard landscaping ideas.

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Rain Barrel How To

Location, location, location -place your rain barrel near where the water will be used; whether it’s for washing the car and gardening tools, or watering the flower beds and the lawn.  Rain barrels should be placed on a solid, strong, level surface. 

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How to Mow Stripes in your Lawn

The striped effect is achieved when light reflects off of the blades of grass bent in different directions, creating the dark and light patterns. It’s the same effect you’ll notice after running your hand back and forth across a suede jacket or a thick carpet.

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How to Grow Your Own Topiary

Topiaries are plants that have been pruned and trained to grow into distinct decorative shapes. They’re basically slow-growing artistic masterpieces. Whether you grow them geometrically or fanciful like spirals, spheres or even elephants, the options are endless.

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Urban And Peri-Urban Agriculture Best Practice Catalogue

After almost a year of implementation, MADRE releases its Best Practice Catalogue on urban and peri-urban agriculture. Developed by ANIMA Investment Network, it highlights the best practices identified in the 6 metropolises associated with the project, in terms of farmers’ innovation, social innovation, consumer innovation, academic research, territorial innovation and transnational innovation.

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2018 Garden Trends

With a year of conferences, tests, trials and garden visits under our belts, we’re excited to tell you about the big ideas we think will be influencing the gardening world in the months ahead. Beyond popular colors and new varieties, big-picture themes always emerge on the world (gardening) stage that prompt designers and plant breeders to shift their work towards our changing needs. This year, most of what we see heading your way has to do with population, technology, cooperation over competition, and plants that solve problems. Keep reading to see what we’ve been taking note of!

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Designing a Small Garden – Old Ottawa South Garden Club

Kevin talked about his experience working with several garden nurseries and a garden designer/stone mason, before establishing his design, build, plant and maintain business. During the evening, he illustrated principles for the garden design process and listed some favourite plants for the small garden.

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