Launching for 2022

Be a citizen scientist

Monitor Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables.

For a better understanding of our changing climate’s effect on our gardens.

Problem: Effects of Changing Climate on Our Floral and Food Gardens are Too Anecdotal.

Our changing climate is increasing the need for better data. There is an increased need to protect our gardens and increase their resiliency.

Approach: Widely subscribed citizen science project to register plant records and share data.

Necessary for identifying trends beyond the anecdotal.

Flexible reporting for timely information and instantaneous sharing.

Information to Protect Our Gardens and Make Them More Resilient

Assembled, tabulated and presented for across our communities

How Does it work?


Create Your Plant Records

  • Plant Name, Botanical Name and Category
  • Photo
  • Hardiness Zone and Municipality
  • Plants and Fruit/Vegetables input separately
Update Anytime

Your Dashboard

Access your Dashboard to update and/or edit your plant records or your Fruit/Vegetable records at any time.

Enter Bloom dates, Insect information, other observations, actions and effects, ‘how I use’ and more.

Standard Reports

View Reports at Will

  • Fruit/Vegetable Report
  • Bloom report
  • Insect Report
  • Action-Effects Report
  • “How I Use” reports
  • Custom Reports available
  • Full Plant Records
Find and Discover

Report Analysis

  • Filter by Zone, Municipality, Plant Type, Botanical name
  • Global Search
  • Print and Export to CSV, PDFs
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The Deal

  • $20 per year per User
  • Affiliate Program (Trial Period)
  • Launch with Quality Users
  • By Invitation Only (BIO) Users
  • Re-investment and improvements

Summary of Benefits


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