August Garden Checklist for Zones 5 and 6

The August flower is the Poppy. This is a good month to enjoy the fruits of your harvest and enjoy bright summer flowers and foliage.

  • Prune climbing roses
  • Cut out old raspberry canes
  • Change birdbath water  and eliminate standing water to combat mosquitos
  • Remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen when working outdoors
  • Check container gardens daily for dryness and fertilize regularly
  • Use a water bottle with a strong stream to spray aphids and other pests off plants rather than lugging the hose around the yard.
  • Mulch garden beds 2-3 inches deep with an organic mulch
  • Prune tightly shaped hedges, if needed, after the second flush of growth
  • Seed winter vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and kale
  • Clean up dropped fruit to discourage pests
  • Remove garden debris to reduce next year’s Cutworm population
  • Continue to cut grass high
  • Keep weeds pulled before they flower

Source: London Middlesex Master Gardeners

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