Trowel Talk Newsletter March 15, 2021


Trowel Talk Newsletter March 15, 2021

The Trowel Talk Newsletter for March 15, 2021 is now available. Spring is almost here and there are signs of it everywhere. This month, we feature articles on:

  • Sorrel–Culinary herb or a wild edible perennial?
  • Weeds, the Universal Problem–where do they come from and some weed ending strategies.
  • Will that be Sage or Savory? Join the great Canada stuffing debate.
  • Bloodroot–Gladden your heart at this longed for sign of spring!
  • Amur Maple–Gardeners beware! Another beautiful but invasive species from Asia.
  • Ask a Master Gardener-Best time to prune trees and reviving last years geraniums.

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The photo above is of a Serviceberry or Amelanchier , just as the flowers are turning into that the birds always beat me to eat. The Serviceberry is a wonderful native shrub that brings 3 season beauty to your yard.

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