Tickseed, Pot of Gold
This is a low maintenance, drought-tolerant, long-blooming and cheerful plants for a flower border or a filler. Bees and butterflies are drawn to them, too. A good choice to plant on borders, effective in naturalized areas, native plant gardens or cottage gardens. Good plant for areas with poor, dry soils.
Botanical Name: Coreopsis
Nom Français: Coréopsis

The Basics

Bloom colour: Orange | Pink | Red | Yellow
Blooms: Summer - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bees | Butterflies
Sun or Shade: Full Sun | Partial Sun
Plant Type: Perennial
Height: Up to 1.5 feet (50 cms)
It grows well in hardiness zones: 4 to 9


Water requirement:


Cutting of spent flowers in late summer tends to encourage a fall rebloom. Remove any sprawling or unkempt foliage. Species plants can spread aggressively by both rhizomes and self-seeding.


Spread: 12 to 24 inches wide


Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Many flowering plants in garden settings. Combine for color.



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