Smooth Penstemon

Penstemon digitalis


Penstemon digitalis is one of the few Penstemons that thrives in clay. The white flowers bloom for a month or longer, and look great with the blue flowers of Ohio Spiderwort and Blue Eyed Grass. At 3′ high this clump-forming perennial does well in full sun to light shade, and tolerates seasonally damp conditions. Mass…

Its natural habitat is, Fields and meadows, borders.

Caring for Smooth Penstemon

Grow in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. Avoid wet, poorly drained soils.

Deadhead after flowering unless seed is needed.

Watch for slugs, snails and mites.

It is happiest in Loam, sand

In terms of water, Smooth Penstemon needs Does not require a lot of water (is drought tolerant)