Common lilac bushes (Syringa vulgaris) are deciduous shrubs that bloom in late spring. ‘Wedgewood Blue’ is an example of a cultivar of this plant. Syringa is a member of the olive family, along with other such ornamental plants as ash trees, forsythia shrubs, and privet shrubs.
Botanical Name: Syringa vulgaris
Nom Français: Lilas


Bloom colour: Pink
Blooms: Spring - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bees
Sun or Shade: Full Sun
Plant Type: Shrub
North Eastern America
It grows well in hardiness zones: 3-7

Lilacs are a very popular plant that give off a sweet and wonderful smell. They are hardy, easy to care for and attract butterflies.


Property borders
Water requirement: No need to water unless prolonged drought occurs.
Fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil (pH 7.0)
You can plant lilacs in spring or in fall but it is best to do so in fall. Make sure the site drains well as lilacs do not like soil that is too damp and will not bloom.
If you decide to plant lilac in a container, ensure it is at least 12inches deep and 24inches wide as lilacs need a lot of space for their roots and this will help insulate against cold or heat.


In spring, add a thin layer of compost under the plant, followed by compost. Do not over-fertilize. Once your lilac has finished blooming, spread some well-rotted manure around the base.
Varies by plant type.
Prone to attacks sfrom slugs and snails. Powdery mildew may occur after a summer of hot humid weather.


Spread: 8-15feet tall, 6-12feet wide.
Trim the bush to shape it once they bloom in early spring. Remove suckers and any dead wood. Do not over-prune as it can result in the loss of blooms for a couple of years, but pruning once a year in spring is recommended.


Lilac bushes come in many sizes and colours such as lavender, blue, pink, purple and white. Each plant gives off a wonderful, sweet smell.
Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Lilacs prefer full sun. Lilacs are used for their scent to make candles, bath bombs, perfumes and more.
Flowering crabapples, Dogwoods, Magnolias


Lilacs supposedly symbolize the joy of youth.


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