Cut-leaved Coneflower
Rudbeckia laciniata is a native clump forming perennial with multiple upright stems. The leaves are large, dark green and deeply lobed. From summer until fall foliage is topped with clusters of showy daisy-like flower heads. Each head consists of a yellow-green globular cone surrounded by drooping yellow rays. This rhizomatous species thrives in partly shaded...
Botanical Name: Rudbeckia laciniata
Nom Français: Rudbeckie lacinée


Bloom colour: Yellow
Blooms: Fall - Zone 5 | Summer - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bees | Birds | Butterflies
Sun or Shade: Full Sun
Plant Type: Perennial
Height: Up to 9+ feet (3.5 meters)
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, B.C, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I
It grows well in hardiness zones: 3 to 9


Prairies and meadows
Water requirement: Medium to Moist
Sand, Clay


Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerates hot and humid summers. Can spread aggressively by underground stems. Divide clumps to control growth. Remove spent blooms to encourage a fall rebloom.


Spread: Up to 90 cm


Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Lobelia cardinalis, Asters


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