Fringed Loosestrife

Lysimachia ciliata

Salicaire frangé

This colorful wildflower likes moist to wet and even seasonally wet conditions in nature but will also grow well in loamy rich soils. With bright showy blooms and deep maroon fall foliage, this plant will have an impact on the landscape. Often used in borders, cottage gardens, it can be planted on the margins of…

The flowers produce an essential oil. A variety of bees collect oil and pollen from the flowers. Some of the perks of Fringed Loosestrife are that it is a cold tolerant plant, and it can tolerate seasonal flooding.

In nature Meadows, damp woods with dappled light.

Caring for Fringed Loosestrife

Easily grown in moist, humusy, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Plants will spread in optimum growing conditions, but are not as aggressive as some of the other lysimachias. May be grown from seed.

It is happiest in Clay, Loam, Sand

In terms of water, Fringed Loosestrife needs Moist to wet