How To Train A Butterfly Bush Into A Tree

I have always loved to see plants “trained” into small trees, especially when they are plants we don’t normally see grown as trees.
Plants like a standard lantana tree or coleus tree.
The buddleia or the butterfly bush is another one. In some states the buddleia is considered a invasive species (BBC) and they are trying to eradicate it. There some non-invasive hybrids available. Here are a few of our favorites:
The one in the picture is one of the newer Butterfly bush hybrids specially bred to “behave” and not grow out of bounds.
At the Garden Gate website, they have a nice tutorial with 4 steps and illustrations to walk you through the process of how to train a butterfly bush into a “standard” tree.
It’s lots of fun to explore training these plants into new shapes and trees. Continue reading at:
Train Budellia Butterfly Bush

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