How To Make A Vertical Herb Planter

Having fresh right outside the door takes fresh to a whole new level.
The vertical has removable shelves and is easy to build. Use bagged or a raised bed garden soil.
Follow the link below for downloadable instructions, lots of images, and materials list: Vertical Herb Planter

Making A “Spicy” Tiered Herb Garden: Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to have fresh herbs for cooking and wished you could walk out out the back door to get them?
Wondered what your next garden project would be and could not come up with any ideas? Why not try an herb garden?
You can easily get an herb garden started and soon be able to cook with the same herbs that you have grown.
A nice tiered herb garden really won’t take up much space and can hold a variety of different types to give your spice cabinet a nice selection! Details at: Tiered Herb Garden
The video below is another option for going vertical with your herbs!

Pallet Herb Garden – Go Vertical

If you are tight on space, it does not mean you cannot herbs… one of the ways you can fix the space issue is by going vertical. We found two great little projects that use pallets to create their herb garden.
Jennifer at had some sod laid and pallets left over. All it took was a picture to inspire Jennifer to make it all her way. Check out her tutorial with lots of images.
The other pallet herb garden is from Roeshel at which is free standing and portable.
It’s nice to keep the fresh herbs close to the house and grill. A plus with this project is the ability to move the garden into an area with more light for growing if needed. Roeshel shares a materials list along with images explaining how it is all put together.
How do you take pallets apart with ease or if pallet wood is usable for garden projects.

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