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Haraveri Botanical Garden – A Visit

Jean Carr

The Haravéri botanical garden is a 27 acres garden at 816m above sea level in San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco, México.

The collections showcase plants of cloud forest, tropical semi-deciduous forest and pine-oak forest, it’s a regional and in-situ garden.

The gardens features miles of hiking trails through the forest when you can experience one of the richest flora and fauna ecosystems in the world. In this kind of forest, you can observe a transition zone, where species from the norther and the southern hemisphere live together harmoniously.

The cloud forest it’s also one of the most threatened ecosystems. In México has been dramatically reduced, in large measure due to the coffee cultivations, cattle grazing and increases in human population.

Beautiful Collections

The botanical garden has a beautiful collection of bromelias, orquids, lush ferns, cycads and oaks. The privileged place where the botanical garden is located carries a great responsibility. Almost 70% of the flora is under some protection status. Our approach and mainly objectives are to document and understand plant and fungal diversity and its uses, bringing authoritative expertise to bear on the critical challenges facing humanity today; the conservation of the forest and the restoration of degraded areas.

The botanical garden seeks to build humanity, new worlds. Provide a unique experience to the visitor that allows him to be and belong with nature. When walking through the garden the visitor can recreate all their senses and immerse themselves in the magic that provides the cloud forest, while learn the importance of the ecosystems and the culture and customs of the area all this in an atmosphere that exudes tranquility and awakens the dreams of those who visit.

A Research Garden

As a research garden, the cloud forest part of Haraveri is being used for scientific research.  To preserve this aspect and minimize human impact, a limit of 40 visitors per day is enforced for the cloud forest.  Research is conducted on biodiversity, the interrelationships of plants, the possible use of plants for medicinal and other purposes. As an example, one plant in particular has recently been used in a new treatment for a type of cancer. In this aspect, very important work is being done.
The butterfly garden is well planned and constructed, using all native plants and naturally available water and irrigation. It is also a rich garden with the right elements and foundation to deliver its intended benefits.
The Hacienda and all ‘man made structures’ at Haraveri are absolutely stunning. The Hacienda itself, the way the grounds were manicured, use of water, design and construction elements second to none. Also, the food which was served was delicious.


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