Water Gardens

A water garden can be stunning while delivering a multitude of benefits.

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Make A Backyard Pond From An Old Tire!

An old tractor tire comes in handy when creating this garden decoration and water feature.

Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice and Gale’s Garden & Water Feature Installation

The Greater Ottawa Water Garden Horticultural Society (GOWGHS) has been raising funds to install community projects around the Ottawa area for the last several years…

4 Simple Things for a Healthy Pond

A healthy pond is a beautiful pond, and keeping your pond ecosystem healthy doesn’t have to be a ton of work.

Is a Pond Aerator the Silver Bullet for Your Pond Problems?

Oxygenation of your pond using a good pond aeration system is crucial for the health of your pond’s ecosystem including the water, fish and plants.

Don’t Hit That Ice!

In the wrong circumstances, hitting a solid ice cap on your pond can be like directly hitting your fish. This can injure or kill them.

Keep Your Pond Healthy When You Got a Late Start

How to winterize and maintain your pond in winter for optimum water and fish health.

How to Deal with Tea Colored or Brown Water

How to clean out pond sludge and other sources of tannins out of ponds.

Dealing with Duckweed in Your Pond

How to attack duckweed in your pond using a strategic plan including skimming, a large pond fountain, and a bubble aerator.

Tips for your Spring Pond To-Do List

it’s time to pull off the cover net, clean up around the pond, squirt various liquids into your water, etc.

5 Things You Need to do to your Pond for Spring

sludge and buildup needs to be vacuumed out before the water warms, you can save yourself a TON of pond trouble the rest of the year

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