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What the Nose Knows – Understanding Aroma

Humans have used aroma for flavouring food, for scenting our homes and bodies, and even for ceremonial and religious purposes.

Giving and Getting:  Why we Volunteer

Gardeners are specialists in growing things that enrich the soul and the body too.

Design Basics and Plant Selection (Video)

Considerations for creating a new garden include location, purpose, design, taking inventory, its style and plant selections.

It was March 2020

But spring didn’t know. The flowers gave way to fruit, the birds made their nest, the swallows had arrived …

Cilantro – Love it or Hate it

Cilantro is a wonderful herb to grow because you get two herbs in one.  It matures as seeds to Coriander.  Their flavours are very different.

2019 Ottawa Garden Survey – Executive Summary

This a summary of the most frequent comments received from 81 questionnaire responses received by Gardens Ottawa between February 8th and March 31st, 2019.

The Ramble at 20 – Passion and Opportunity

Sharing a love of plants and the outdoors led them to escape to the country to allow the space to explore their passion for plants.

Volunteering Opportunity at the Hope Garden

Help plant the vegetables, keep the gardens weeded, then harvest the lush vegetables.

Seeds! Glorious Seeds!

Another shopping spot for a “Seed-a-holic” are the Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays.  In Almonte it takes place on February 19th 9-3 and in Perth, our Seedy Sunday takes place on March 8 10-3.  These events draw many sellers of local Heirloom seeds and Organic seeds

Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

This is the presentation given by Stuart Swanson to the Greater Ottawa Water Garden Horticultural Society.  To access the full presentation, clicking the “Wellness Gardens” link below will download a…

The story of my pollinator garden

I’m not exaggerating when I say that creating this pollinator garden is one of the best decisions I ever made, and that it has changed my life.

Making a Difference, One Bird at a Time

I enjoy every bird as it is taken out of the bag. It feels a little bit like Christmas each time the bander, professionally takes a bird out for processing. We revel in the beauty of an American Redstart or the grand beak of a Northern Flicker.

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