Fall Gardening

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October: Leaves on the Lawn

Don’t rake the fallen leaves off your lawn and don’t leave them as wet masses of whole leaves.  Run over them with your lawn mower to chop them up and…

October: Preparing Your Vegetable Garden For Winter

Add organic matter to your vegetable garden to restore the nutrients that this summer’s crops have absorbed.  Remove all crop residue and weeds.  Once the soil surface is clear, layer…

October: Keep Caring for Your Lawn

Keep cutting and watering your lawn as long as it continues to grow, most likely until early November. Aerating, dethatching, and adding fertilizer now will give your lawn a headstart…

Do You Have A Check List Of Fall Gardening?

Cool weather makes getting things done easier, especially when you’re in less of a rush than when doing spring chores.

On Saving Tomato Seeds and Using Hügelkultur

In saving tomato seeds for almost 5 decades, I learned that drying seeds on paper towel works, but it’s a hassle detaching the seeds.

Upgrading Your Garden at Almost No Cost

Upgrading your garden won’t happen without experimentation with landscaping and yard work, for a long-lasting and beautiful garden.

How to Care for Your Lawn in the Fall

While many residents assume spring is the time to focus on lawn care, there are many things you can do in the fall.

Top Beautiful Fall Plants For Your Garden

Here are 5 beautiful fall plants , in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, with late blooms providing pops of colour before the cold.

24 Flowers For September and October

Here we identify flowers for September and October of many colours, white, purple, blue, red, pink flowers, in many hardiness zones.

Harvest Tasty Fall Vegetables

Fall is a great time to harvest vegetables. Here are popular fall vegetables that can be harvested up until the first frost.

How to Keep Your Plants Alive in Fall and Winter

When reading the post, you’ll know how to care for winter plants, and what conditions to create to ensure their health and survival in cold seasons. You’ll find practical tips and the list of the best plants to grow in winter in either pots or gardens.

How To Winterize Roses and Rose Bushes

Depending on location and type of rose, there are a variety of ways to winterize roses and rose bushes. The key is to start early.

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