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15 Small Plants For Hanging Baskets

Walk through a garden center and you’ll find all kinds of hanging baskets.Below is a collection of small plants, and how they can grow in all sorts of hanging baskets.

Not your average houseplant – Bromeliads

Growing bromeliads indoors is a wonderful way to welcome vibrant colors and live foliage into your space. While they have a reputation for being difficult to grow, they are just different than the average houseplant.

Easy Care Pothos Plant

The Pothos is one of the – “Best indoor plants for clean air.”

Care Requirements For Shrimp Plant

Shrimp plant belongs to the genus Justicia and an evergreen shrub of the family Acanthaceae.

Easy Care Pothos Plant

Easy Care Pothos Plant

The Pothos – Jade Pothos, Golden Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos lead the way in houseplants. In fact, the Pothos is...