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Guest bloggers write on their favourite gardening subjects. Find new insights, ideas and inspiration on horticulture including plant growth, climate change adaptation, landscaping tips for your front yard and backyard, houseplants and much more.

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On the Meaning of a Lily: Colour is Key

While the delightful white lily is a popular choice to adorn weddings, learn the other ways to give lilies as a gift full of deep meaning. 

Five Easy Ways To Get Rid of Fungus in Mulch

A quick guide to getting rid of fungus in mulch. Learn about yellow fungus and artillery fungus, how you can get rid of them.

Bringing Lantana Indoors, Raspberry Royale, Red Malabar

We cover simple tips on bringing Lantana indoors for the winter, on how to propagate Raspberry Royale and on harvesting Red Malabar Spinach.

On Harvesting Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds

Seasonal tips on picking pumpkins and squash. For example, if you are picking squash, remember to let them cure for about a week. 

6 Plants to Grow For Sleep, Anxiety, Calmness

Having anxiety from time to time, trouble sleeping or the need for calmness is natural. We identify plants which help with anxiety and sleep.

Pimentos, Beans and Red Pepper Jelly Recipe

This week’s tour around the garden features Scarlett Runner beans, Pimentos and ends with a favourite Red Pepper Jelly recipe and benefits.

7 Calming Teas and Herbs For Anxiety

Chamomile tea and green tea are among the 7 teas and herbs that reduce anxiety and improve sleep which we discuss here.

Rosehip Jelly Recipe and Uses

Here’s an easy to make Rosehip Jelly recipe, a tart, sweet jelly. There are many Rosehip uses and benefits, and very good for your health.

Hardiness Zones are Shifting With Climate Change

Hardiness or climate zone map are shifting, affecting many factors for growers: seedling death, water, extreme weather, environmental risks.

Increase Your Property’s Value with Gardening

Landscaping can have a major effect on property value. Trees help sell homes. Here are eight tips to follow to increase your property value.

Red Malabar Spinach and Alyssum

To eat my Red Malabar spinach, I pull the leaves off the vine at staggered intervals and enjoy it in a salad or as a treat in a stir-fry.

On Saving Tomato Seeds and Using Hügelkultur

In saving tomato seeds for almost 5 decades, I learned that drying seeds on paper towel works, but it’s a hassle detaching the seeds. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.