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Browse through about 100 blogs on growing food and food gardens. Find ideas, recipes, growing tips and more, for fruits, vegetables and herbs. This section features “Veggie Bites”, a weekly log of experiences and insights by Master Gardener Judith Cox’s on her food and flower gardens.

Recently Published

Pimentos, Beans and Red Pepper Jelly Recipe

This week’s tour around the garden features Scarlett Runner beans, Pimentos and ends with a favourite Red Pepper Jelly recipe and benefits.

How to Grow, Plant, Cure and Store Garlic

This is a complete guide on growing garlic, including how to plant garlic, when to plant, weed control, watering, curing and more. Read on.

7 Calming Teas and Herbs For Anxiety

Chamomile tea and green tea are among the 7 teas and herbs that reduce anxiety and improve sleep which we discuss here.

How To Grow A Coffee Tree Indoors and Out

A coffee bean tree can be an excellent, attractive, thriving indoor house plant. We discuss many aspects of coffee bean plant care.

Rosehip Jelly Recipe and Uses

Here’s an easy to make Rosehip Jelly recipe, a tart, sweet jelly. There are many Rosehip uses and benefits, and very good for your health.

Red Malabar Spinach and Alyssum

To eat my Red Malabar spinach, I pull the leaves off the vine at staggered intervals and enjoy it in a salad or as a treat in a stir-fry.

On Saving Tomato Seeds and Using Hügelkultur

In saving tomato seeds for almost 5 decades, I learned that drying seeds on paper towel works, but it’s a hassle detaching the seeds.

Garden Relish – yummy! Use up summer vegetables

Garden relish is a great way to use the last pickings from our gardens! By the end of summer, we have usually… The post Garden Relish – yummy! Use up…

How to Collect Tomato Seeds

Collect seeds from heritage or open-pollinated tomatoes. With seeds from hybrid tomatoes, there is no telling what tomato will come.

Cucumber Companion Plant and Canned Salsa

I like growing cosmos as a cucumber companion plant. The orange cosmos in particular I found seems to be a real bee magnet.

A Great Year for Growing Peppers

I am going to try to save the seeds from which to grow peppers. Probably best to buy more seeds, collect seeds as well and do a comparison.


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