Container Gardening

Here we seek new ideas with the care and use of container gardening. Classically, containers are used for houseplants. However, with more people living in condos and apartments, there is a big growth in use of planting pots for balconies and small spaces.

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Make a Mini Formal Garden

  Miniature gardens are adapted from Japanese bonsai gardens, taking the idea of shaping and caring for a miniature tree for relaxation and creating a new way of gardening. Because…

Gerbera Daisy Care: Growing Gerber Daisies

Though Gerbera Daisy care is minimal, it needs to be regular. From watering to lighting, explore with us how your Gerbera can be magnificent.

Best Plants For Container Gardening

With potted patio plants, container gardening allows you to enjoy the benefits of a broad range of garden plants even in a small space.

On Self Watering – Sub Irrigation Planters.

Self-watering planters or Sub-Irrigation planters (SIP) are the perfect choices for anyone wanting to take up container gardening.

Growing Perfect Plants For Balcony, Deck, Patio and Front Entry

Container gardening is very popular today, but it’s not new. People have been growing container plants for centuries, and there are favorites found in every culture.

Create A Simple Masterpiece – Using One Pot for a Plant

Sometimes we try to complicate things. In much of my life I’ve found the KISS principal serves me well – Keep It Simple Stupid. Selecting pots, tubs, and other planters…

Spring Container Plants that Pop

Add a spring container with color and life and you’re on your way to refreshing plants for your porch, patio or outdoor area. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.