Container Gardening

What is Square Foot Gardening?

Square Foot Gardening divides the growing area of a raised garden bed into a grid in which crops are planted according to their mature size. This orderly approach to intensive planting was popularized by author Mel Bartholemew, a former engineer, in his 1981...

Benefits of Container Gardening

Container gardening is the next big thing, and it allows you to create gorgeous garden arrangements with minimal effort, and a lot less money spent. It’s all about creativity in a pot.

Soil Calculator and Raised Garden Bed Basics

It is imperative that soil contains vitamins, nutrients, and organic matter that can feed the plants, as well as give the roots plenty of room to expand. As more people have limited access to large lots of land with loose, rich soil, raised beds and container gardens are becoming a popular option.

Best Potted Trees For Patio Fragrance

Here’s the deal on potted patio trees. Every balcony, deck, and patio can use a least one small patio tree. These container trees range from 3′ to 8′ feet tall and are easy to move around if needed. Potted trees bring height to a small area and tight space, especially on a balcony.

Make a Mini Formal Garden

Make a Mini Formal Garden

  Miniature gardens are adapted from Japanese bonsai gardens, taking the idea of shaping and caring for a miniature...